Bird Box: Barcelona 2023

2023, Horror, Mystery, SCI-FI
Bird Box: Barcelona 2023

Title:- Bird Box: Barcelona 2023
Directors: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Writers: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Cast: Mario Casas, Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva
Genre: Films 2023 | Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Synopsis: Directed and written by David Pastor and Alex Pastor, the spin-off stars Mario Casas as the main character Sebastian, who, along with his daughter Anna, is trying to escape a mysterious entity that turns people on their own when they see it, forces to this horrific event wipes out most of the world’s population and the survivors never get out without closing their eyes. We can easily imagine the hardships Sebastian and his daughter must have faced in the past, and the film proves our prediction right. However, unlike any of these shows, “Bird Box: Barcelona 2023” has kept the entity at the end of the world a complete mystery. Watch online latest movies and TV series on Lookmovie. Here you can watch action to horror movies in HD quality.