Awake 2021

2021, Action, Adventure, Drama
Awake 2021

Title:- Awake 2021
Directors: Mark Raso
Writers: Joseph Raso, Mark Raso
Cast: Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, Lucius Hoyos
Genre: Film 2021 | Action, Adventure, Drama
Rating: 4.8/10
Synopsis: The movie is based on science fiction and it also includes a family drama. The movie stars Gina Rodriguez-LoCicero, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Barry Pepper, Finn Jones. It also stars Shamier Anderson, Ariana Greenblatt, Frances Fisher, Elias Edraki, Lucius Hoyos, and Gill Bellows. In this movie, we can see the bright-eyed young girl named Matilda. Matilda is one out of few souls that still able to sleep. She has a car accident with her mother Jill and her brother Noah. Matilda drowns in the lake but a police officer rescues her. This police officer discloses that everything that uses electricity is malfunctioning. Jill, Noah, and Doris are not able to sleep. Jill notices that the whole neighborhood is awake. After that, they reach the Hub. In the Hub, Jill found another woman who can sleep but in very ill condition. “Awake” has just enough scares and strangeness. With the Lookmovie Online Free movies streaming platform, you are having so many movies to watch online. Some of them are Conjuring Movies & Falcon and Winter Soldier Web Series