Argylle 2024

2024, Action, Thriller
Argylle 2024

Title:- Argylle 2024
Directors: Matthew Vaughn
Writers: Jason Fuchs
Cast: Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell
Genre: Films 2024 | Action, Thriller
Synopsis: In Argylle, a famous spy author learns that her latest work may not be entirely fictional. The popular espionage novel series featuring Agent Argylle and his allies Wyatt and Keira is written by Elly Conway. When it comes to writing the conclusion of her fifth book in the series, Elly experiences writer’s block. While traveling by train to seek assistance from her mother Ruth, Elly meets actual spy Aiden. He informs her that her books have accurately foretold current affairs, especially the dishonest spy network headed by Director Ritter. In order to find the Master Drive with the names of all the compromised agents and deliver it to the former CIA director Alfred Solomon, Elly reluctantly joins forces with Aiden. Just visit the Lookmovie2 website and dive into huge collection of movies and shows available.