Appendage 2023

2023, Comedy, Drama, Horror
Appendage 2023

Title:- Appendage 2023
Directors: Anna Zlokovic
Writers: Anna Zlokovic
Cast: Emily Hampshire, Hadley Robinson, Brandon Mychal Smith
Genre: Films 2023 | Comedy, Drama, Horror
Synopsis: Hannah is a young fashion designer who is the main character of the story. She reaches a breaking point when her life starts to spiral out of control after her inner thoughts start to manifest as a monstrous creature that threatens her and everything she values. Appendage, a Zlokovic short film, is pretty good and had the makings of a feature-length movie. The finished product, however, might have been better suited as a short film because, despite having a running time of about 95 minutes, it feels drawn out and finds it difficult to maintain momentum. You can find a specific movie through LookMovies for free.