Apex 2021

2021, Action, Thriller
Apex 2021

Title:- Apex 2021
Directors: Edward Drake
Writers: Edward Drake, Corey Large
Cast: Alexia Fast, Megan Peta Hill, Trevor Gretzky, Bruce Willis
Genre: Film 2021 | Action, Thriller
Rating: 8.7/10
The main characters are several people who like to hunt. But if before the animals were enough for them, now they want some novelty. On all the animals that they could have hunted. Surely each of them thinks about something exclusive. It doesn’t matter how this idea appears on the horizon, but the main characters plunge headlong into a new idea. They get the exclusive opportunity to hunt a man on a desert island. These people will behave like real predators, first, hunting down and then killing their prey. Yes, medieval times did not seem to go away. But to the shock of these heroes who wanted to hunt for a man, they soon realize that they have fallen into a huge trap. Perhaps none of them will get out alive. What happened to these would-be hunters? The fact is that when buying an exclusive service for hunting a person, they never suspected that they themselves would become the prey of a predator. As they say, as it plunges, it will respond. New big blockbuster films are available with the Look Free Movies platform, visit and enjoy your favorite films here on the same site.