America The Motion Picture 2021

2021, Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, History, SCI-FI
America The Motion Picture 2021

Title:- America The Motion Picture 2021
Directors: Matt Thompson
Writers: Dave Callaham
Cast: Channing Tatum, Jason Mantzoukas, Olivia Munn
Genre: Film 2021 | Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, History, Sci-Fi
Rating: 5.6/10
Synopsis: In the film, George Washington is an energetic banner kid who needs to vindicate the demise of Abraham Lincoln who is his closest companion. He tries to finish Abe’s fantasy about framing another country. Miscreants like Brits Benedict Arnold and King James are hindering Washington. This clarifies that the Founding Father is needing some help. In this incredible upset of the period, Washington enrolls the brother and expert brewer Sam Adams’ administrations, frontier horseman Paul Revere, science wiz Thomas Edison and Geronimo who is one of the greatest American legends. Here we offer you best movie streaming platform to watch cinema content that is Looksmovie website.