1923 S01E04

2023, Drama, Western
1923 S01E04

Title:- 1923 S01E04
Directors: Ben Richardson
Writers: Taylor Sheridan
Cast: Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford, Brandon Sklenar
Genre: Films 2023 | Drama, Western
Rating: 9.2/10
Synopsis: The Dutton Homestead is covered in blood. Alone, Kara runs from her blood-soaked kitchen to scream into the mountains and do what she can before returning inside to clean up after Episode 3. Soon, the ranch Zane arrives, and he is about to deliver Kara’s letter to Spencer in Africa. However, this will take several months, and a telegram is not something Kara is interested in, as it will alert the world to what has happened to Dutton – and how vulnerable Yellowstone is now. Outside, Emma visits the Dutton family cemetery to dig a grave for her late husband, John Sr. As she does, the cowboys notice and immediately ride over for help. And it is here that we learn that Jacob has survived the night and is in fact alive. Watch free online 1923 S01E04 in HD on Lookmovie. If you want to watch free next episode of this tv show stay connect with site.